11 March 2006

L.L. Bean & Land's End

Pants are the worst. I HATE buying pants because there is never anything in my size. My inseam is 27 inches for casual pants and 26 inches for dress pants. My waist is 29 inches. Now I've long since accepted that I will never find an off-the-rack pair of pants with my inseam but I still cannot understand how almost no one offers a waist of less than 30. Abercrombie & Finch doesn't seem to offer anything less than 32 inches. I guess that's why all the A&F models are half-naked. Nothing fits.

The double whammy of height & girth are why L.L. Bean & Land's End are two of my favorite retailers. Both have the good sense to offer tailoring their clothing before shipping and still allow you to return the item. I'm sure some day these guys will become hopelessly out of style. When that day comes you'll still find me wearing their clothing.


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